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Art is our

Currency Passion Force

Welcome to Banknote Art Concept™

Hippocampus Housenote @Carlos Almenar
Banknote Art Concept

We are Banknote Art Concept™

Banknote Art Concept™ is a Not For Profit organisation and a unique initiative that brings together creative professionals in art, marketing and communication, sharing the same spirit and philosophy to communicate, educate and share individuals and groups experiences related to Money Art and Art Fiduciaire.


Where Art Meets Security Innovation

Discover Housenotes, the pioneering fusion of art and cutting-edge security. These authentic banknote concepts, also called Specimen, Testnote, and Technical-note, are masterpieces crafted by visionary designers and artists. Seamlessly integrating the latest security technologies with visual narratives drawn from art, culture, and the world around us, Housenotes transcend traditional currency to become captivating works of art. Experience the convergence of innovation and artistic expression at Art Fiduciaire Gallery.

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Reinventing the Franc: How Ciscø Turns Nostalgia into Pop Art

Explore the works of Ciscø, the French artist transforming nostalgic Franc banknotes into vibrant pop art, blending currency history with modern creativity.

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