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Art Fiduciaire

Banknote design involves analysis and technique among multiple disciplines, this is why criticism of banknotes must be subject to three main elements: the theory that relates to the context and knowledge; the technique that demands the objectivity, and the ideology, which is no more than thoughts that describe cultural and social values, that is to say, human perception.

Banknote components such as substrates, ink, security features, and printing techniques has been used for continuous enhancements and added sophistication. Despite technological challenges, artists and banknote designers employ artistic styles and creativity in currency conception.

Banknotes and coins, through symbolism and iconographical choices, narrate a nation’s identity. Currency becomes a national symbol when the design resonates with the population’s values, preserving cultural messages even after it’s withdrawn from circulation therefore, contributing to the shared national heritage.

This is how Banknote Art Concept™ recognises Art Fiduciaire as a form of visual art in currency.

Housenote also called Specimen, Testnote and Technical-note are authentic pieces of Art Fiduciaire, created by banknote designers and artists aiming to showcase the latest in banknote security technologies. The narrative of Housenotes often portrays visual elements from universal history, art, culture, humanity, the environment, folklore, flora, fauna, and current news.

Recognised as valuable artistic banknote concepts, their creators draw inspiration from artistic trends and movements, integrating visual aesthetics seamlessly into complex security features and the banknote production process.


Banknote Art Concept™ acknowledges our partners for supporting the first Art Fiduciaire Housenotes gallery: