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Using currency as a canvas has gained popularity in recent years, sparking interesting conversations about creativity, value, and the role of money in society. Money art is perceived as controversial by some and innovative by others. One emerging figure in the money art movement is Arturo Romero, aka R2ROMERO, a Hispanic artist known for his unique style that blends street art and fine art. In this article, we will explore R2ROMERO’s work and how he uses banknotes and coins to create stunning pieces of art.

© R2Romero

Art at First Sight

R2ROMERO’s love of art began at a young age, influenced by cartoons and comics, which he used to learn English and develop a lifelong passion for creativity. His most notable medium is banknotes and coins, using them as a canvas to create stunning works of art.

“Enki, the sumerian artist” | © R2Romero

“One thought that goes through my mind is the fact that several people in the past have handled that banknote, and it may have meant the world to them at the time,” he explains. “And now I’m painting on that same currency as a form of appreciation for the past and the future. It’s fascinating.”

R2ROMERO describes his artistic style as “a street art style with hints of fine art mixed in, utilizing acrylic spray paint to create a realistic yet cartoon style, whether it’s on a 20 ft. wall or a piece of currency. I strive for consistency.”

“Street art painting characters led me to ultimately create the one-eyed intergalactic street artist from planet Nibiru, the Sumerians. They are in most of the work I produce on banknotes and on the streets.”

Money Art: Controversial or Meaningful?

R2ROMERO views money art as both “a way for state-sanctioned artists to celebrate cultural heritage” and “a radical way for artists to deface a valuable piece of history to express their opinions.” He finds public reactions to money art interesting, with some people finding it “confusing” or “fascinating.” R2ROMERO sees his own money art as a way to have fun with his work, using colors and themes that reflect his love for fine art, cartoons, and nature, hoping to leave viewers with a genuine smile and a little knowledge. Overall, he views money art as an “intriguing medium” that allows for unique conversations and experiences.

Unique Conversations and Genuine Smiles

R2ROMERO’s work has garnered attention and sparked interesting discussions. “Every time my money art was on display, it was a great thrill seeing the responses and making money from money,” he says. “But most of all, using currency as the canvas is such a cool concept that most people have no idea how to react, so the conversations are unique.”

Public feedback for his projects often consists of confusion or fascination. “Most people don’t know how to perceive it,” he explains. “So feedback usually consists of fascination or confusion, but always leads to sincere interactions.”

Despite the challenges and varied reactions to his work, R2ROMERO’s goal is to bring joy and inspiration to viewers.

“Chalino Sánchez” | © R2Romero

“Fun is the message to everyone with my banknotes,” he says. “The colors and themes reflect my love for fine art, cartoons, and mother nature. Mixing these different elements allows viewers, from old to young, to walk away with a little knowledge and a genuine smile.

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