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Banknote Art Concept is proud to present its latest exhibition, “From Art Fiduciaire to Money Art”, at The Protectorate Museum at Note Printing Australia from 9 May to 11 November 2024. This captivating showcase of works from Banknote Art Concept’s art collection offers an in-depth exploration of how currency transcends its economic purpose to become a powerful medium of artistic expression.

Art Fiduciaire, or currency design, is a form of visual art recognised by Banknote Art Concept. It involves the use of artistic styles, techniques, and creativity in the conception of currency. Banknotes and coins, through symbolism and imagery, have the power to relay a nation’s identity when their design echoes the population’s values.

On the other hand, Money Art emerges at the end of a currency’s lifecycle, where artists communicate their vision by reappropriating banknotes and coins, transforming them into new art creations.

Currency Design: Embodying National Identity

Currency is more than just a medium of exchange; it is a vital piece of a nation’s cultural identity. The intricate process of Art Fiduciaire involves extensive research and creativity to embed a country’s symbols into its currency. This integration allows the observer to interact with the currency, communicating a nation’s history and identity through its design.

With art and symbols embedded in currency, the population can reflect on its design, identify with its symbols, and recognise banknotes and coins as part of their national identity. This process transforms currency into an emblem of a nation’s distinctiveness and culture.

Transforming Currency into Creative Expression

Renowned banknote designer and contemporary artist Carlos Almenar describes Money Art as “An artistic interpretation through a cultural and socio-historical perspective that illustrates and transforms the concept of currency.”

“Pescadores III” – Gabriela Gonzalez Leal | 2024

Money Artists communicate their vision by reappropriating banknotes and coins, transforming them into new art creations. This practice dates to the late nineteenth century, with artists repeatedly using currency imagery as a significant theme in their work.

Techniques such as drawing or painting on banknotes and coins began in the early twentieth century, with paper money folding, cutting, and collage gaining popularity by the mid-twentieth century. Coin welding, sometimes resulting in large-sized compositions, and engraving—mostly on single coins—also emerged throughout the twentieth century.

Showcasing Global Talent

Launch of the exhibition at The Protectorate Museum

The “From Art Fiduciaire to Money Art” exhibition, carefully prepared by our Art Curator Yohann Naviere, features a diverse selection of artworks from artists worldwide, carefully chosen from the Banknote Art Concept collection. Each piece reflects the unique vision and cultural context of its creator, offering a global perspective on the artistic reinterpretation of currency.

The thoughtful curation creates a cohesive narrative that guides visitors through the fascinating world of Art Fiduciaire and Money Art, highlighting the innovative techniques and themes explored by the featured artists. Visitors will encounter various styles, from intricate engravings and detailed drawings to bold collages and imaginative sculptures, showcasing the versatility of currency as an artistic medium and its ability to convey complex socio-historical narratives.

The Role of Banknote Art Concept in Promoting Art Fiduciaire and Money Art

Founded in 2017 by Carlos Almenar Diaz, Banknote Art Concept is dedicated to supporting and communicating about creative talents at the origins of currency design and techniques (Art Fiduciaire) and artists who integrate currency elements within their creations (Money Art).

The organisation’s mission is to educate the public on the world’s currencies’ artistic syntax and investigation (iconography, symbolism, messages, and cultural values), encourage arts practice and education, and promote the artistic and cultural values of global currencies.

Banknote Art Concept’s commitment to recognising the artistic value of the world’s currencies and transforming them from economic symbols to symbolic works of art is at the heart of this exhibition.

An Unmissable Exhibition

“From Art Fiduciaire to Money Art” is a must-see for anyone interested in the intersection of art and currency. The exhibition not only celebrates the technical and creative skills of artists but also invites viewers to reflect on the broader cultural and historical contexts of currency design.

Each piece tells a story, bridging the gap between economic utility and artistic expression, and Yohann Naviere’s curation ensures that these stories are brought to the forefront, engaging and inspiring visitors throughout their journey.

The exhibition at The Protectorate Museum at Note Printing Australia is open until 11 November 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative power of art and education in the world of currency design.