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Prepare to be captivated by “Art Is Our Currency,” a worldwide first Art Fiduciaire exhibition that redefines the boundaries of artistic expression and challenges our perception of currency. Embark on this global odyssey and discover the hidden masterpieces that have been right before your eyes, waiting to be unveiled and celebrated.

In a world where economic symbols have become an integral part of our daily lives, an extraordinary initiative is redefining our perception of currency. Nonprofit organisation Banknote Art Concept, founded in 2017 by renowned banknote designer and contemporary artist Carlos Almenar Diaz, is embarking on a global odyssey with its groundbreaking exhibition, “Art Is Our Currency.”

This immersive exploration of banknote artistry commenced its journey within the Protectorate Museum at Note Printing Australia, and its reach extends far beyond geographical boundaries. “Art Is Our Currency” invites you to transcend the confines of economic symbolism and delve into a captivating visual realm where currency metamorphoses into artistic masterpieces.

At the core of Banknote Art Concept’s mission lies a profound commitment in educating society on the artistic syntax and investigation underpinning the world’s currencies. By nurturing artistic practice and education, the initiative aims to promote the inherent artistic and cultural values embedded within these monetary emblems, from their conception (Art Fiduciaire) to their reuse in creative compositions (Money Art).

The Art Fiduciaire Display: A Curated Anthology Of Housenotes

Colourful housenotes framed in grey and white and displayed on a white wall.
Art Fiduciaire display at The Protectorate Museum © Banknote Art Concept

At the heart of this exhibition resides the worldwide first Art Fiduciaire display, a meticulously curated anthology of “housenotes” – industry-issued specimens devoid of face value, yet authentic pieces of Art Fiduciaire. These housenotes, generously donated by prominent banknote industry companies, are produced to showcase the latest advancements in banknote security and technologies. However, their true essence lies in the stories they narrate through their intricate designs, drawing inspiration from universal themes such as nature, art, culture, humanity, and contemporary events.

Banknote Art Concept acknowledges the creators of these housenotes as artists in their own right, seamlessly integrating visual aesthetics compositions into complex security features and the banknote production process. Often drawing from various artistic styles and movements, the banknote designers, engravers and creatives imbue each housenote with a unique narrative that resonates with humanity’s values, preserving cultural messages, a testament to its contribution to a shared universal heritage.

Notably, Banknote Art Concept has released the world first virtual gallery of Art Fiduciaire, featuring housenotes from various leading banknote industry companies. The pioneering digital display allows visitors to explore these intricate works of art from the comfort of their own devices, providing a unique perspective on the artistry behind banknote design.

The Money Art Exhibition: Transforming Currency Into Creative Expression

Painted banknotes framed in white and grey displayed on a white wall, colourful housenotes are displayed on a wall in the background.
Money Art display at The Protectorate Museum © Banknote Art Concept

Complementing the Art Fiduciaire display is the Money Art exhibition, a captivating showcase of artworks created by artists from around the globe. Here, banknotes, coins and currency elements are repurposed into canvases for creative expression through techniques such as painting, collage, folding and embroidery.

“Money Art is an artistic interpretation through a cultural and socio-historical perspective that illustrates and transforms the concept of currency” states banknote designer Carlos Almenar. This exhibition celebrates the diversity of artistic styles and messages conveyed by Money Artists, some of whom have dedicated their entire careers to this art form, while others explore it for a period, sharing their unique perspectives on the world.

This unique exhibition was carefully curated by Banknote Art Concept’s curator and project manager Yohann Naviere, who elected one of the most universal themes of all, Nature and Fauna, with housenotes from various continents displaying lifeforms from diverse environments, ranging from the depths of the ocean to the expansive skies above.

A Global Journey Celebrating Artistic Mastery

Through this exhibition, Banknote Art Concept aims to educate the community about the artistic value inherent in currency. From its first presentation at the Protectorate Museum at Note Printing Australia, this exhibition will embark on a global journey, revealing the artistry often overlooked in the economic symbols that tell the story of a nation’s identity and heritage.

Banknote Art Concept sends an invitation to all the actors from the banknote industry and further extends this invitation to education and art advocates to connect and explore potential collaborations that celebrate the artistic mastery behind currency design and production. By uniting economic necessity and creative expression, we can forge a deeper appreciation for the artistry that graces the very notes and coins used daily by the billions of people around the world.